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Razldazldolls Rhett of Ragtime Blues
This guy is a dream come true for our breeding program. He has great type, large boning, and the most delightful temperament. Snuggling is his favorite activity. A heartfelt thank you to Peter and Cindy DeWolfe for producing such a fine example of our breed and for entrusting us with Rhett. He has come to his forever home.

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Rhett photo Album Collection.

Rhett Baby Rhett and "Frog"
More photos of Baby Rhett around 4 weeks old. Click the titles to "View"
All "The Pals"
Hello There.
Taking it easy.
Rhett The holidays aren't the same without the "Trimmings"
Click here to See Rhett "Happy" to see Santa.
Rhett "Bonnie with Rhett" with TICA Judge Jeff Roberts. Receiving 3rd Best Speciality Long Haired Cat Final. Rhett "Bonnie with Rhett" with TICA Judge Melissa Parsley. Receiving 2nd Best Allbreed Cat Final.
Rhett Bonnie & Rhett with fellow Ragdoll Fanciers Mary Ann Blasso and Jane Tye-Balter at the Portland, Oregon TICA Cat Show January 2006. Rhett Rhett snoozing in his show crate between rings. Rhett Daddy Rhett grooming one of the babies.
Rhett "Rhett at the Cabazon, Ca. Cat Show" Rhett Rhett Rhett
Rhett Rhett Rhett sporting his new designer stud pants. He's handsome no matter what he's wearing.

Here you can view photos of Rhett from a young age
and see him as he grew. Enjoy

Rhett is pictured here at 4 months of age.
Rhett snuggling with a Ragtime Blues kitty.
He's pictured here at 5 months of age.
Razldazldolls Rhett of Ragtime Blues
Rhett is pictured here at 7 months of age.
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