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Ragtime Blues Photo Album - Full of such RAGDOLL LOVE!!!

Classey and Libby stayed with each other during labor and delivery. They were co-parents until the babies were ready to leave for their new homes. Ragdoll Love is Awesome!

Coach Libby: A loving moment between Classey & Libby. Classey has given birth to three of her five kittens. Libby is whispering breathe, breathe, push, push, as she coaches Classey.

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Lucy Lou her 5babies & Ruby her 4babies. Born 3days apart. They have enjoyed co-parenting from day one.
Kitten Snuggles WOA!! what's in there? Yup, need I say more!

You really want yer chair back? Nope you can't have it, I needz it!

I vorked so hard today, I need a break!

You think i m cute? I think I m cute! There its settled!

I m ready to playz, you wanna? Huh huh huh?

I iz in de spirit, really, Gosh ma we done yet?

Seriously I wanna go, I can be yer pocket kitten for the dayz, Purrrz.

Ahhhhhh this is de life, relaxation at its finest!

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