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Rock Creek Ranch Classy of Ragtimeblues
It is with great pleasure that I introduce our newest addition. Classy is as elegant and regal as her name suggests. She has deep blue eyes, beautiful type, heavy boning, and I love her ear placement. To top it off, Classy has a sweet and loving personality. This breathtaking girl came to us from Craig & Jane Balter of Rock Creek Ragdolls in Orange, California. A BIG thank you to Craig and Jane for allowing us to have this exceptional girl.

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Classy's photo Album Collection.

portland show Tyler (grandson) and Classy are tired out after a weekend of showing in Portland, Or. Classy4months
Classey as a baby receiving love from Natalie.
Classey is giving daddy Tracy kisses on his ear lobes on 11/24/06.
Classy Congratulations!!! On 06/07/08 Classey and Fionn are proud parents of 3 blue bicolor boys and 2 blue cream bicolor girls

Here you can view photos of Classy from a young age
and see her as she grew. Enjoy

Classy is pictured here at 8 weeks of age.
Classy is pictured here at 4 months of age.

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